Tuesday, January 16, 2018

Butterfly Video

We have had the sickies around here, which means all we have been wanting to do is the sleepies. But I think we're on the mend, so we're back to blogging!

Remember when we got our Secret Santa gifties and I said I had let Cashmere have a quick play with it before the other kitties knew it was there, before Christmas?

Well I got the video out of my niece's phone so I can finally share it! Part of it is sideways, couldn't figure out how to change that, but I did figure out how to splice together a few small clips into one! I do suggest you full screen it because it's kinda tiny. But clearer than if it had been on my phone. Enjoy!

Saturday, January 6, 2018

Caturday Art

I was thinking about doing the Caturday art anyway, but then I saw Sweet Perfections GORGEOUS picture and I knew I had to! I have never used an on line picture editor, but when I saw that, it was time to try! So cool! So many more things than my Gimp has to offer! They had used Lunapic so I went there to see how it worked. I'm telling you.. I had a hard time stopping making new pictures! So cool!!

I used the Smile picture of Leo from our Secret Paws post because it's just so awesome!

This one is our sorta copy of Sweet perfections, the Beauty art and snowfall animation. I know it's a little girly.. but it's so pretty!!

This one is called Candy art with a taped boarder.

This one is on my gimp because I didn't care for their cartoon, and I always love the cartoonify in gimp.

This one is Dreaming art. It striped him!

This is Floating art and a bevel boarder. Pastels are for boys too, right??

This is Lego with a bevel boarder. I know it doesn't look like him, but it's Legos!! lol

This is Surreal Painting with a picture frame.
And finally! This one is Pen with a rounded boarder and drop shadow
And here's the original!


Friday, January 5, 2018

Secret Paws!

Leo Here! You all won't believe this, but there's this Secret Paws thingie in the Cat Blogosphere and we have never participated in it before! Me 'n Glitter 'n Cashmere feel ripped off! Because THIS YEAR mom got us into it and it is AWESOME!

We got to pick out some totally cool toys to send to another family of kitties and then some kitties sent US toys! Chandra from Life from a Cat’s Perspective sent us some awesome pawsome toys! Thank you Chandra!!! We loves them!

Mommy said we could not open out box of awesomeness until Christmas! Unfair! But then, in an even more unfair move, she got out one of the toys early, but the only kitty around to check it out was Cashmere! Totally unfair!!

Mommy says she has been trying to get one of these butterfly toys for us for a long time but they keep running out and cancelling her order, blah blah blah, what-ev... And I don't buy for one minute that she just wanted to see it run and Cashmere just happened to be the only kitty in the room at the time. All she had to do was call us! Me 'n Glitter would have come! Ok, maybe.. ok, probably not.. but it would have been OUR choice, right!?

Anyway, here's Cashmere, without me 'n Glitter, playing with the butterfly toy BEFORE Christmas.

Cashmere: Ooo a spinning butterfly!

Cashmere: I'm gonna put the bitey on it!

Cashmere: Hello flower, did you know you had a butterfly flying around you in a big fluttery circle?

Cashmere: Hey! The butterfly whapped into me! Hee hee, I guess he WANTS to be chomped!

Leo: Ok, now to Christmas. Well, actually AFTER Christmas because mommy and daddy left us for Christmas day, and then left outta town for New Years and then finally, FINALLY, gave us our box of awesomeness! I got to inspect first! ha!

Leo: Not sure you need to lure me into the box of awesomeness with the fevvers on a string, mom, but ok, CHOMP!

Cashmere: What's all this? So many new things, AND that butterfly toy! But it's behind plastic.. how am I supposed to chomp it in there??

Cashmere: Oh! Hello flying feathers!
Leo: That's Fevvers! and they're mine, so back off!
Cashmere: Chill dude, there's enough for all of us!

Cashmere: You play with the "fevvers" and I will continue with the inspection!

Cashmere: Nope, changed my mind! FEVVERS!! CHOMP!!!!

Glitter: Hey, how come I'm last to the party! Oooo look at all the pretties!
Leo: You're last because you don't get up from your nap for anything!
Glitter: I'd get up for this!

Leo: After we all got a peek and a sniff at the toys in the box, mom decided to toss them all on the floor so we could play with them easier! There were too many girls around, so I jumped up on the bed to watch for a while. Cashmere wandered off, but came back pretty quick.

Glitter: Oh. So. Many. Choices! I don't know where to start!

Cashmere: I think I see one I wanna play with!
Glitter: There's so many to pick from! I want to get them all!

Cashmere: This one has a ribbon tail! I'm gonna have to chomp it!
Glitter: Chomp it good! Then share... because I like ribbon tails too!

Leo: Mom picked out a rainbow mousie with the soft stringy stuff wrapped around it and a bell on it's tail and tossed it to me! She knows I like that soft satiny stringy stuff because I totally chomped through a necklace she had made with it! heh heh heh!

Leo: Thanks mom! Oh Mousie, yer gonna be my fav! At least until I deprive you of your tail! heh heh! But don't worry, there's lots of other toys I can choose as my NEXT favorite from this awesome batch of Secret Paws toys!


Leo: Now that oughta be the show stopper picture! I know there's lots more pictures of our play session, and I'm sure mom will share more of them soon. But we're gonna end our Secret Paws Post with this great picture because it's the best! (even if it is a little outta focus)

Merry 12th Day of Christmas Everyone! Mom got this one in just under the wire! Because Tomorrow is Little Christmas, (or Epiphany) and that's the last day of Christmas for a whole year! We hope you all had as wonderful of a Christmas/Holiday Season as we did! And thanks again to our Secret Paws friends, Life From A Cat's Perspective! THANK YOU!!!!!!!!

Thursday, December 28, 2017

Thankful Thursday and Happy New Year!

We've had a year to be thankful for, I think. It hasn't been all roses, (especially with rehab and surgery) but it does seem to be ending on a good note!

We are SO thankful that the Winnie's Wish Holiday Auction went so well! (we'll have totals as soon as the last stragglers get their donations in and items sent) And the Winnie's Wish Holiday Package Party, which is still going!! is doing well! There's plenty of time if you want to get a package in to the Wishers! Every bit helps, so even if you just want to make a small donation instead of using the Wish List, it would be awesome!! I can tell you without a doubt that Winnie's Wish and Chrystal would be extremely grateful and thankful for any help given!

I am personally very thankful for my physical therapists! Due to a glitch with the insurance I lost them for a while but I now have a new company and new physical and occupational therapists that started this week! So far I think they are even better, much better, than the previous ones anyway! So here's to gettin' strong in the new year!

I am also extremely thankful for my kitties. I was holding my sweet heart cat, Leo earlier today, and he was snoozing in my arms and I just felt so much love for him, so much happiness that he's in my life. I'm not leaving the girls out! I love them so much, they bring me so much joy! I love each one of their personalities and quirks! They are all so special to me and I'm grateful that Chrystal allowed me to adopt them!

I'm so thankful for Chrystal! Though we are states away from each other, we have a friendship that transcends the miles! She always tells me she's thankful for everything I do to help Winnie's Wish, but it's me who's thankful! She has given me a purpose, a way to use my crafty talents to help out, a reason to do the crafts! and a reason to be busy and productive! I'm thankful, grateful, that she calls me a friend and her chief fundraiser, I am honored and proud to serve the kitties!

I know Leo, Glitter and Cashmere are thankful for their Secret Santa gifts! And we will be sharing pictures of that soon!

We are also so very thankful for you, our friends, furry and human, for reading, commenting, and being so supportive! I love you all! I know we only know each other 'on the internet' but I feel a real friendship with all of you! You are my community, my people, the ones who share my love of the furry family members!

I don't think I'll be posing again until after New Years, so I'm going to make this my New Years post too! And since I'm so past ready to sleep, I'm going to reuse last years pictures! But the sentiment is new and yet the same, we hope that you have a wonderful, safe, joyous New Year!

Leo: Smooches at midnight anyone?

Glitter: Happy New Year Darlings!

Cashmere: HAPPY NEW YEAR! Now it's nap time so I'm confiscating all noisemakers, k?
Oh yes, the Winnie's Wish Holiday Package Party! Go HERE to read about it!
Donations can be made to the donate button on my sidebar or the button on the Daily Dose/Winnie's Wish sidebar! Thank you!

Saturday, December 23, 2017

Merry Christmas!

Oh my, the week has flown past! I can't believe Christmas is almost here! But because it is, I want to take a moment to wish all of our friends who celebrate a very Merry and blessed Christmas!
And to those who don't we wish you a very lovely and blessed weekend!


If you would like to help some kitties have a wonderful holiday season, you could get in on the Winnie's Wish Holiday Package Party! We're trying to see that the Wishers, the kitties, can get through the start of the new year with plenty of food and litter and assorted other necessities!

The biggest need, as I'm sure you can guess, is the food and litter.
There are 28 Wishers! Wait, they just caught a very scared skinny black kitty, so 29 Wishers! Oh wait, there's one little kitten out for a trail adoption, so 28..
Ok, there are close to 30 kitties associated with Winnie's Wish! Some will never be able to be adopted, they are there for sanctuary, kept safe and healthy and loved, some are there for shelter while hoping and wishing for a home of their own! All have been rescued and all need to eat!
All that eating produces.. well, you KNOW what it produces! And it produces that into 20, yes TWENTY litter boxes! Can you imagine all the scooping?? I can, and I feel faint!
One of the large bags of litter on the Wish List will fill three boxes. That means she needs almost 7 big bags every time she does a full change, not just a scooping.
That's the facts on just the litter usage, I haven't got the numbers on how many bowls and how many pounds of food she goes through in a week, but I can imagine it's a lot!

This is why I want to do the Package Party, to build up supplies so they know they have what they need for the start of the new year! A little stock pile would be a wonderful gift, don't you think?
So I'm asking, if you can, in the next week or so, take a peek at the Wish List and see if there is something you can help with. Every bit of it is appreciated and oh so needed.

Every dollar helps! After all, a dollar is about two cans of cat food! If you cannot use the wish list, consider sending the Wishers a donation, added up with other donations, it'll make lots of cans and bags of cat food! (find the donation button on the Daily Dose/Winnie's Wish blog, or use the one on mine and I will make sure she gets every penny!)

Thank you all for helping, thank you to those who have already donated and for those of you who are considering it!


And again, Merry Christmas and much love
from all of us here at Celestial Kitties!
Smooches and purrs from Andrea, Greg, Leo, Glitter and Cashmere!

Thursday, December 14, 2017

Thankful Thursday With Glitter

Glitter is one for sleeping, or lounging, in the oddest, most uncomfortable looking places. But this one, at least, seems less uncomfortable than her usual spots!

Glitter: I just love this thing! It has a built in pillow for my head and a rump rester on the other end! And it smells like nip, sniiiiffffff!

We are also thankful for everyone who is or has participated in the Winnie's Wish Insta-auction!
Just a quick reminder, it ends tomorrow, Friday the 15th at midnight EST! So please, get your bids in before it closes!

Lots more goodies available, such as:
crochet beds!
 Shower curtains,                        the Bible on discs!
 Cat ears for peoples,                              a kitty belt!

  Hand made necklaces!

 Self heating nap mats!
 Pillow covers                         cool notebooks!

 Jewelry                           tshirt!

 And many more!!! Please, don't waste another minute, check it out before time is over!


Thankful Thursday Blog Hop

Wednesday, December 13, 2017

Wordless Wednesday with Cashmere


Two more days! The Winnie's Wish Holiday Insta-auction ends Friday at midnight EST!

Don't forget the Holiday Package party! Send something from the Winnie's Wish Wish List and help them have a very happy holiday season!