Thursday, February 22, 2018

Thankful Thursday

It's Thankful Thursday again and today Leo is thankful Bee-cause he has fun with Da Bee! The mom is thankful that Da Bee has a metal 'string' unlike Da Bird because somekitty *coughLeocough* would rather chew through the string than play with the fevvers.. Da Bee is tougher, and bonus, they all love it!

Leo tends to stop playing when the girls get involved, so he was also thankful that they were elsewhere when he was having his turn!

Ooo hey! it's Da Bee! I love this thing!

*whap* Gotcha! Hee hee hee!

Doggone it, it got away!

Just a little closer, Mr. Bee, and I'll show you what's what!

Ha! Gotcha now! *chomp-nom-nom-nom*


Hmm, that didn't taste like I thought it would..

Silly boy, I can't Bee-lieve you thought it was a snack!


Friends, I would be so thankful if you would share Theo, a wonderful Winnie's Wish kitty who needs a home! He's such a sweet boy! If you know anyone who needs a lovey kitty in their life, please send them to Chrystal at Daily Dose/Winnie's Wish!
There is an adorable video of him being cuddly along with other information about him HERE


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Tuesday, February 13, 2018

The Long and Short of It

Leo: I thought I'd show off my fabulous long tail today. Well, most of it anyway. That's the long of it. The short of it is that mom is all about appointments and other stuppy human stuff that means nothing to kitties and has not been blogging for us much, and says this is the most she can do even now. I'll leave something in her shoe later to let her know what I think of this... In the mean time, enjoy my fluffy tail! and ignore all the fur I put on the scratchy. Gotta shed the floof somewhere, right?

Thursday, February 1, 2018

Thankful Threesome Thursday

More fun with the spinning butterfly amidst a bunch of other toys!
You'll notice that Leo starts off not so close. He doesn't usually like to get in the middle when it's playtime. But for once, his curiosity got the better of him as you'll see.

Glitter: Did you catch it?
Cashmere: I think so, I got it stopped for the moment anyway!
Leo: Hmm, that looks like fun maybe..

Leo: It doesn't look like a real one..
Glitter: Say, yeah it doe.. hey, how do YOU know what a real ones look like?
Leo: I know things.. Lets just leave it at that.
Cashmere: Yeah well I know that somehow this flower is responsible for the butterfly flying, so I'm gonna bite it!

Glitter: You two are getting a little weird..
Cashmere: *chomp* missed... *chomp* missed... *CHOMP* missed..
Leo: Hello little butterfly, you're looking awfully cute..

Glitter: Hoo boy.. yeah, the weirdness factor has risen sharply.
Cashmere: *Chomp!* Got it! oh rats, I talked and it got away... Start over.. *chomp* missed..
Leo: Where are you going little butterfly! I just wanna be friends!

Leo: Oh good gravy! It's got my tummy! What do I do? What do I do!?
Cashmere: Let it go so I can bite the wire..
Glitter: Yup, weirdness factor 10 and rising.

Leo: Hee hee, it tickles! Now I need to chomp the wire while it sticks to my tummy!
Cashmere: No fair, I was trying to chomp the wire!
Glitter: Oh dear, the weird-o-meter just broke!

I think it's safe to say that they're still pretty thankful for their new toys!


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Friday, January 26, 2018

Funday Friday

Before I get to the funday stuff, I have to show you a corrected version of my kitties. How could I, a loving cat mom, forget that my girls have tan noses, not black/gray??? Oh the humiliation! And since I went back to fix that, I decided to do a little photoshop-ish fix up of the light colors around their eyes. None of the choices fit exactly, so I did it myself. Along with adding the little darkness at Cashmere's lips. It's so cute, looks like she's puckering up! Not that it's easy to tell that because the cartoon Cashmere has her mouth open, as the real Cashy does often.

And as long as I was touching up, I gave Leo a gray nose, not a black one, to match his real one! I might, someday, play with it and lengthen Leo's tail and shorten Glitters because Leo has, I swear, the longest tail in existence, and Glitter's is oddly short.
(click to enlarge)

On to Funday!

Cashmere: What the heck... Exploding Kittens?? EXPLODING KITTENS!! You call that a game??

Cashmere: I just can't even.. Nope, just can't..

Cashmere: What does this one even mean? "See the future" I'll got your future... and it ain't pretty!
Cashmere: You sick, sick humans.. I'll show you what I think of your 'game'! I'ma eat it!

Cashmere: What do these "Defuse the cat" cards even mean? "Distract with Laser pointer" Let's get this straight, peoples.. Pointers are dogs, not cats! And if you think pointing at something will distr... Hey! RED DOT!!! Gotta go!!

Despite the name.. I love this game! And seriously, my cats explode all over the house after toys, microscopic dust motes, and invisible whatchacallits, don't yours??

Monday, January 22, 2018

My Cartoon Kitties

Years ago, I made a cartoon of Leo and Star. They were so cute. I never made ones of the girls, so I took a few minutes and finally got them their very own cartoon avatars! I think they came out pretty good, so I updated Leo's a little.


There's my babies! What do you think?

By the way, if you haven't done your kitties and want to, here's the link. We did not save it, but took a screen shot and saved it in paint.

Tuesday, January 16, 2018

Butterfly Video

We have had the sickies around here, which means all we have been wanting to do is the sleepies. But I think we're on the mend, so we're back to blogging!

Remember when we got our Secret Santa gifties and I said I had let Cashmere have a quick play with it before the other kitties knew it was there, before Christmas?

Well I got the video out of my niece's phone so I can finally share it! Part of it is sideways, couldn't figure out how to change that, but I did figure out how to splice together a few small clips into one! I do suggest you full screen it because it's kinda tiny. But clearer than if it had been on my phone. Enjoy!

Saturday, January 6, 2018

Caturday Art

I was thinking about doing the Caturday art anyway, but then I saw Sweet Perfections GORGEOUS picture and I knew I had to! I have never used an on line picture editor, but when I saw that, it was time to try! So cool! So many more things than my Gimp has to offer! They had used Lunapic so I went there to see how it worked. I'm telling you.. I had a hard time stopping making new pictures! So cool!!

I used the Smile picture of Leo from our Secret Paws post because it's just so awesome!

This one is our sorta copy of Sweet perfections, the Beauty art and snowfall animation. I know it's a little girly.. but it's so pretty!!

This one is called Candy art with a taped boarder.

This one is on my gimp because I didn't care for their cartoon, and I always love the cartoonify in gimp.

This one is Dreaming art. It striped him!

This is Floating art and a bevel boarder. Pastels are for boys too, right??

This is Lego with a bevel boarder. I know it doesn't look like him, but it's Legos!! lol

This is Surreal Painting with a picture frame.
And finally! This one is Pen with a rounded boarder and drop shadow
And here's the original!